I recorded some gameplay of the game at the current state, so folks can see where it is currently and so I can compare in the future. I noticed the game does seem to stutter a bit during the recording; this doesn’t happen when playing without recording so I’ll have to look into that as it should be possible to play while streaming etc. But, I think this is fine for now as the game is in a very early state of development and I’m sure a lot will change.

The first video is some basic gameplay: just flying around, blowing up an asteroid, landing on planets and navigating between systems. Also buying and selling goods and accepting and completing a simple mission.

The next video is an example of some (very lopsided) combat between the player’s ship and two escorts and a lone unarmed shuttle. Not very sporting, I know but there’s some bugs with more advanced combat I want to get sorted out first before showing those aspects. I let the escorts do most of the fighting to show how the ship’s combat AI and escort control system works.






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